At Immanuel we understand the importance of providing a quality keepsake with a flair for you, the valued client!  Doesn’t the special person in your life deserve the very best, don’t they deserve   “The Jeweler’s JewelerImmanuel Jewelers.    

Established in 1996

Immanuel Jewelers “The Jewelers – Jeweler” – has been servicing the needs of clients throughout Central Indiana and nationally for the past 23 years,  from areas such as:  Atlanta, GA., Asheville, N.C., Chicago, IL., and locally from Muncie, New Castle, Indianapolis through Fort Wayne.   Our goal and expectation, is to provide the highest quality of product or service to our customers, whether it is a simple jewelry repair, complex custom jewelry design or stone replacements.

We are committed to quality and service.  For that purpose we use scopes and dental type equipment for more precision in stone setting.  Furthermore, we offer laser welding service with over 18 years’ experience, allowing US the opportunity to work on your precious jewelry when others are not capable.

Christopher Kordyl – our head jeweler, has been providing professional jewelry repair and design services to the industry for over 30 years.  Guild level stores farm out some of their most difficult and challenging work to Immanuel’s, consisting of setting stones, from micro pave’, up to and including setting 7 ct. diamonds. A typical comment from wholesale clients is:  “You make US look good” to “We don’t have to worry about handing out a customer’s jewelry piece after you work on it”.

At Immanuel Jewelers“We Strive for Excellence in Repair and Design”

Custom Asscher cut diamond bridal

Professional Jewelry Services:

At Immanuel’s our work is completed in house, meaning the utmost in attention to detail and precision!

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We professionally restore and repair your treasured pieces, whether in Gold, Silver or Platinum:

* Seamless sizings – We choose to fuse when sizing or repairing shanks. This allows for a more homogenous weld and better quality for YOU.

* Half and Full Shank replacement returning your mounting back to or improve upon original factory specs.

* Chain repair – Whether an elegant little chain or woven link our goal is to provide a seamless joint.

* Diamond and Precious Stone replacement and setting.

* Professional precision stone setting

Custom Jewelry is a great process that allows the customer and the jeweler to collaborate to bring their inspiration or desire for having a uniquely designed piece of jewelry to reality

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At Immanuel’s our work is completed in house, meaning the utmost attention to detail in: Stone selection, Metals, Stone Setting and Quality of Finished treasure. Whether through lost wax method or through metal fabrication, we will strive to maintain the excellence that you deserve so that YOU will have that heirloom piece that You can be proud to wear.

We offer the finest in quality and craftsmanship at affordable prices!
Chris had the opportunity to learn under the master tutelage of Leon Bourdage therefore, learning quality and old world craftsmanship. Furthermore, He has a constant quest for continued learning and looking for better techniques and tools. In pursuit of this quest we had purchased a laser welder and have over 12 years experience, allowing US the opportunity to complete work that others are not capable.
High quality casting in Gold and Silver completed in house!

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We also offer platinum casting!!!

At Immanuel’s – We have a passion to provide the very best in quality and craftsmanship! Our commitment is to exceed your expectations, to provide you the experience you deserve, realizing that we are not just creating a piece of jewelry, rather, we are creating a treasure that you will share for years.