October 31, 2013

Chris is a dependable and very good jeweler at repairing and very good at making new design piece’s. I worked with Chris for over 14 years. He has a wonderful personality. He takes his job very serious. I always wanted Chris to do any work I needed for my Jewelry. He is a very responsible person and loves what he does.


We strive for Excellence in Repair

Immanuel Jewelers completes your work in house, using the latest technologies, with attention to quality and detail.

We are confident in our ability to provide expedient service and the highest quality in repairing your precious treasures.  Services that Immanuel Jewelers provides consist of:  Seamless ring sizing, stone replacement and setting, inside ring engraving, re-tipping, prong replacement and new shanks / mountings, working in Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Honesty          *          Integrity        *          Quality           *          Professionalism 

We believe in providing you with the best possible service and quality! Immanuel’s will never charge or require more than what is necessary to place your jewelry back to like new condition!
Gents ring before work completed

Gents ring after we built up a new bezel and then set customers 1 ct.

Before !
After !

Even if your screw is loose!




Immanuel’s is able to show you exactly what we as the professional is finding with your precious jewelry. We have shown in person and even by emails what it is that needs to be completed.

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Documentation – by having a digital image of your ring, allows us to have a starting point of what condition of the ring when received. Furthermore, we have been able to send this information to your insurance company to assist you in your claims process.
As a forward looking jeweler, we purchased a Siro Tech Laser in 2001,  when only the largest of corporations would even consider.  This now gives us over 12 years experience and the opportunity to work on your precious antique heirloom jewelry with confidence.

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Benefits of working with a laser:

1. Using the same metal not a solder.

2. Provides for a stronger joint.

3. Ability to work around heat sensitive stones.

4. We utilize the laser both for repair and fabrication to provide a better product.